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Pure Deluxe Hair was founded in 2018 by our lovely CEO, an up and coming entrepreneur who wants to empower other women to follow their dreams. She believes that how you look and feel can make or break your confidence, which is why she strives to make every woman feel like royalty so they can be at their best and truly shine as womenpreneurs.


Our Story

In 2016, our CEO's beloved father passed away from cancer. After experiencing the challenges and heartbreak of watching a loved one battle this terrible disease, she realized life is far too short. She knew it was time to take the plunge and follow her dreams.

For many years, she dreamt of opening her own business in the beauty industry. In 2018, just two years after her father's tragic passing she finally decided to go for those dreams with the founding of her own luxury raw hair extension company. Her love of everything beauty, from hair to fashion, is the driving force behind Pure Deluxe Hair.

There were challenges along the way, but our CEO was able to persevere with the help of her friends and entrepreneurs that believed in her dream. She strongly believes every woman deserves to feel empowered, and she strives to do her best so she can one day give back to other women as the company grows.

Our CEO is proud to provide high-quality, pure human hair extensions to women like herself; women who want the very best in life, women who hold themselves  to a higher standard of excellence.


Our Values

At Pure Deluxe Hair, we pride ourselves on honesty, quality, and integrity. The relationship we have with our customers is always our top priority, and we place a high value on maintaining their complete trust in our products and customer service. Our customers enjoy the comfort of knowing we will always provide them with the purest, highest quality of hair extensions available on the market.



Our Mission

At Pure Deluxe Hair, we provide luxury extensions and focus on finding beautiful, raw human hair for our products. We search high and low for the most reliable suppliers across the globe, to source 100% pure, untreated hair for our valued customers.

Our mission is to provide our customers with not only the highest quality of hair in its purest form but also an experience that shows the true meaning of exclusivity and luxury. We are more than just a hair extension company; our customers live the Pure Deluxe lifestyle.

Pure Deluxe Hair caters to women that value opulence, women that love the finer things in life and settle for nothing but the best. We offer world renowned hair extensions and packaging that make our customers look and feel gorgeous, boosting their confidence to help them succeed. Our company is made for women who want to feel royal, confident and beautiful!

Experience an infinity of beauty and quality with Pure Deluxe Hair.

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