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No doubt, the hair extension market is a thriving market. 

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So, How Do You Compete and Win?

You need to have access to a great supplier of 100% raw human hair!

But before I show you how you can discover the best raw hair vendors…

Why Do You Need A Good Raw Hair Vendor?

  • After deciding to start a hair extensions business, the next line of action is to figure out how to run the business smoothly.

  • There are many things you can do to achieve a successful business such as branding and marketing strategies.

  • The MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do is to find a reliable and dependable vendor for 100% unprocessed raw human hair.

  • The choice of a trusted hair vendor, and the development of a long-term relationship with your vendor can play a huge role in the success of your hair extension business.

Choose High-Quality Hair From A Reputable Raw Hair Vendor And

 You Will Be Able To Create Significant Profit!

Imagine what you can gain when you have a reliable raw hair vendor. You will:

  • Save yourself from wasting money

  • Avoid unhappy clients 

  • Save yourself from wasting time

  • Avoid negative reviews

  • Create a profitable hair business

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I’m going to give you access to a list of reliable raw hair vendors that you can partner with to take your hair extensions business to the next level of success.


“Raw Hair Vendor List”

A detailed list of over 30 verified raw hair vendors that the biggest hair 

companies and popular hair stylists use!

  • Here’s what’s inside: 

    List of suppliers of raw hair directly from the countries of origin:

  • India

  • Indonesia

  • Malaysia

  • Cambodia

  • Philippines 

  • Vietnam

  • Russia (Slavic Hair)

  • Details of reliable vendors for:

  • Weft hair

  • Bulk hair

  • Clip-ins

  • Lace closures

  • Lace frontals

  • Lace wigs

  • Tape extensions

  • I-tips 

  • Ponytails

  • Micro-links an

    Vendor Contact information: 

  • Company Name

  • Phone Number

  • Email

  • Website

  • Instagram

  • YouTube Page

Now i’m sure you are excited about

  • Not having to worry about finding a reliable raw hair vendor

  • Not having to go through the stress of verifying vendors (all the vendors in the list have been verified)

  • Being able to launch your hair extensions business in this billion dollar industry

  • Having access to over 30 verified raw hair vendors from different countries

  • Being able to contact the vendors directly WITHOUT going through a middleman

This is not like every hair vendor list that you see

 Freely on the internet…

We have taken out time to verify each of the vendors to confirm that their contact details are correct and that they are still in business in 2021.

So, all you have to do is to get in touch with any of the vendors, order a sample order and wait for your 100% unprocessed raw hair to be shipped to you. 

No matter what type of raw hair extensions that you sell, you will find a vendor in the "RAW HAIR VENDOR LIST."

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