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5 Spring Hair Care Tips

Posted on April 18 2019

5 Spring Hair Care Tips


Spring is here, and with it comes the requirement that you must make adjustments to your spring hair care regimen to protect the overall look and health of your raw hair extensions. Your spring hair care regimen will more than likely look a little bit different from what your hair needs during the winter months. Here are five spring hair care tips for your hair extension regimen.

Conditioning: Hair extensions require conditioning just like the hair growing from your scalp. Hydration is a must-have quality for human hair to thrive under the ever-changing climate it encounters throughout this season. Hair hydration helps to keep these tresses strong and prevents damage and dryness. Hair flexibility is an essential quality that hair needs to enable it to withstand excessive manipulation or regular heat application. Deep conditioning your hair can help to hydrate your hair and repair any gaps in your hair structure that may have formed as a result of your hair care practices during this time of year.

Air Dry Your Hair: Steer clear of using heating tools on your hair following a wash. Instead, take steps to allow your hair to air dry naturally. This practice will help to sustain the strength of this hair and extend its life cycle. Also, you should avoid combing our hair while wet. Your goal is to steer clear of anything that may create friction such as brushing or rubbing any of these strands while they are damp.

Frizz Control: Hair extensions are susceptible to frizz during this time of year due to the rise in outdoor temperatures and humidity. To control frizzy hair during spring months, you should allow it to air dry. Once dry, you can then apply frizz-control products to these tresses. If using a hair serum, please note that only a small amount of solution is necessary for managing your hair and controlling frizz.

Nourish Your Hair: Take steps to nourish your hair appropriately. Choose shampoos and conditioners that have the perfect combination of vitamins and minerals that will not only cleanse these locks but will also provide moisture. Shea butter and essential oils are incredibly useful for repairing damage and strengthening hair. As a component of your daily hair care regimen, practice nourishing your hair by using an essential oil or serum that will help your hair to look and feel healthy and vibrant. Periodically, use a light, leave-in conditioner to protect your hair from environmental factors like the sun.

Rainy Days: Plan for rainy days. The spring season is for rainy days that can destroy even the most fabulous of hairstyles. Making hair care preparations can spare you the embarrassment of having to endure a rain-soaked hairdo. Make sure that you keep your hair care products and accessories in your purse help to minimize frizz, tangles, and other side effects that can accompany rainfall, heat, and humidity.

In Closing: These are just a few basic tips to guide you in managing your hair during the spring months. If you have not yet done so, it’s time to check your hair care arsenal of products and prepare to shift your hair extension regimen to match the new season. Adopt a few of these best practices, and you will see positive results!


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